7mm:1ft - 0 Gauge Railway Modelling.



This is an attempt to try to provide a rating on kits I have built.  The are many ways to rate kits but I am only going to deal with those elements that I think are important.  They are:


The quality of the instructions, are they any use?


The 'buildability' of the kit, do the parts fit and are they all there?


The kit's complexity, is it a simple thing like Big Jim's 'Polly', complex like a Finney kit or something in between?


These are areas that I think I can be reasonably objective on, whereas something like 'value for money' is a very personal thing and likely to be highly subjective.


Each review will have a three figure number rating with each figure relating to the areas I rate them under.  Each figure can be from 1 to 5 and the meaning of each is listed below.



1. Poor                    2. Adequate        3. Reasonable          4.Good                                5. Excellent


1. Very simple        2. Simple            3. Intermediate        4. Complex                         5. Very complex


1. Unbuildable        2. Expert            3. Experienced        4. Some skill required        5. Beginner


A '-' for instructions means that there are none provided.

So, a kit rated as say, '4/3/4' would indicate good instructions with intermediate complexity and buildable by someone with some experience of etched kit construction.

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